Keeping Well and Staying Active During The Covid-19 Lockdown

Avid runner and professional therapist Dermot McCarthy offers his top tips for keeping well and staying active during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Recently the Government announced additional measures to fight against COVID-19. I sense now that the mental anguish is kicking in for many.

Therefore, as a qualified therapist and an avid runner here are my Top 5 tips for keeping well and active during this unprecedented time.

1. Social Media. Stay away from the negativity that is now appearing on Social Media as the frustration mounts. Many are using Social Media to vent their anger at the situation we are all in. Give yourself a no COVID 19 day or days off. Get information from trusted sources such as the Give your mind a rest from the panic that is evolving.

2. Finance: Much of this unfound anxiety can arise from Finance worries. Do not be feel ashamed about reaching out for assistance in paying your Mortgage, Rent etc. It was not your fault that you lost your job or had hours reduced due to COVID-19. Take control back and negotiate new payment plans with financial organisations or landlords until COVID-19 is over.

3. Fitness. We can only go out for brief exercise within a 2k radius of our homes. Use this to your advantage. Plan that route to walk, run or jog and adhere to the guidelines. Gyms are now shut, but many are now offering free classes online. Get involved with such classes and incorporate them into your new routine with family, friends or partner.

4. Eat Well. You need to keep healthy during this quarantine period more than ever. Ensure you eat the right foods and drink plenty of water to ensure your immune capacity is at its max. Perhaps, this is a time to learn how to cook that favourite dish you always wanted to learn.

5. Sleep. Ensure you get eight hours sleep. Keep the sleep routine up. This is vital for mental health. This is an unprecedented time we are all in. You need to be mentally fit as well as physically fit to meet the challenges ahead.

Above all, remember this is short term, be easy on yourself, and remember we can all get through this together.

Dermot McCarthy is an active runner with the Dublin Frontrunners A.C, Treasurer of Sporting Pride and is an IACP accredited therapist with Under The Rainbow.


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